While The Cost of a Click is guided and organised by Associação “Um So Tecto”, the movement is run and implemented by teenagers around the world.

Associação ‘ Um So Tecto ‘ : We GUIDE the movement

We are a non-profit organisation that tackles social issues by raising awareness (documentary production) and working through direct impact (drama therapy).  We identified the devastating effects of technology abuse (specifically social media) and its capacity to disconnect us from our surrounding, and we decided to challenge a group of young adults to research on the topic.  They started by doing simple tasks such as monitoring their tech time, agreeing on ‘tech free days’ or participating in improvisation sessions that explored the issue with us. We also challenged them to become influencers, imparting their ideas to others and, bit by bit, making their Generation more tech conscious. We are a multidisciplinary team (in which are included worried mothers about their children generation) that started working together in different sectors:

Lara Beirão da Veiga – Co founder of the Association, campaign director and improvisation expert. Career in education, social impact, and theatre.
Cynthia Gathman – education expert. Career in education and social impact

Claudia Clemente – filmmaker.  Career in documentary filmmaking and writing.

Cláudia Amendoeira – Brand Ambassador. Leader of the youth movement.

Henrique Figueiredo – Website and Social Media Manager

An expanding group of teenagers: We RUN the movement

We are a group of teenagers that started influencing each other and making the movement grow. We are involving schools and other entities, organizing activities and educational talks with the help of the association to raise awareness.