The Cost of a Click is an awareness campaign and an educational programme that aims to empower teenagers around the world to harness the power of technology without falling into addiction. We want to change our relationship with technology in a way that enhances – instead of controlling – our life. We focus on tackling the issue from a teenager’s perspective.

Why did we start this project?

This all started when a group of professionals realised the insane number of hours we all spend online. The thought of how many things we were leaving aside/ sacrificing due to this constant scrolling was scary!  Our attention span was even decreasing. Tech gives us the amazing gift of putting the world at our fingertips, but if not used with awareness, it can suck us into an addictive loop of uncontrolled use.  How many of you get anxious when you are away from your phone?

Screen overuse is negatively impacting our emotional and mental health, disrupting our focus and concentration, sleep, productivity, creativity, relationships and self-esteem. The struggle intensifies among today’s teenagers, who are going through a pivotal point in their development and are the first generation to have been raised on social media.

We decided to challenge a group of teenagers to research on the topic, monitoring their tech time, organising tech free days. As soon as they started learning about the dangers of tech abuse, they got interested in doing something about it to empower other teenagers in their generation.

How do we plan to grow?

We are now raising funds to centralise the movement and create an organised structure so that we can keep growing, changing our relationship with tech. Now, we would like more schools and teenagers to be involved in a project that is made for them.

In this website, we will be talking about our projects, teaching about the way technology works, giving you tips and tools to make the most of tech without falling into addiction…. stay tuned!

If want to participate in any way, contact us.

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“We must reverse the digital attention crisis and realign technology with humanity’s best interests”

Tristan Harris, founder of the CENTER OF HUMANE TECHNOLOGY