Headphones: did you know it can lead to hearing loss?

Nowadays, most people have a smartphone in their pocket, which means that many use it to hear music, audiobooks, or podcasts. The problem here is: in the medium-term, according to some studies, we can be harming our hearing capacities.

If Cost of a Click´s main goal is to alert to technology addiction, we also want people, especially the younger ones, to use this kind of devices more consciously.

What does science tell us? 

Studies have been done and some reached worrying conclusions. Accordingly to a study published in 2011 by the Journal of the American Medical Association, using headphones was related to a great hearing loss among teenagers and young adults.

This study analyzed individuals with ages between 12 and 19 years old and where assessed 2928 participants in 1988 to 1994 and 1171 in 2005-2006. The study compared the hearing capacities of the two groups.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

The main issue with headphones is their volume. The problem is that a sound that is too high or too close can create internal vibrations inside the hear. This, in its turn, leads to cells inside the hear to lose their sensibility. And people begin lose their hearing qualities.

That´s why we should adopt a number of good practices in order to diminish the effects, which may come with the excessive use of these devices.

1.Turn down the volume 

We can begin with the most obvious solution: we should never use headphones and go beyond a certain volume limit. Usually, some devices even tell us when we are “crossing that bridge”, in which case we should follow their suggestion.

2. Use “noise-canceling” headphones

Some of us, use high-volume sounds in order to “cancel” external sounds to the activity we are hearing. In that sense, a good workaround is to use headphones that are specially made to block external sounds. In that way, it´s possible to hear all that you want without other factors getting in the way.

3. Try “over-hear” headphones

Some specialists advise using this headphone model, as they diminish the hear exposure to the headphone. Those increase the space between the hears and the device, which decreases the deafening risk.

4. The 60-60 golden rule

As it happens with all kinds of technology, the main solution is to use it wisely. That being so, we could possibly adopt the so-called 60-60 solution. This is using the headphones for a maximum amount of time of 60 minutes with a maximum volume of 60%.

Summing it up, we should always use headphones carefully. Science has shown: if we use it wrongly, there is an increased risk of deafening. It is up to us to use with a clear conscience of the dangers and do everything in our power to reduce them.

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