Ideas for the holiday season (without social media)

In this holiday season break, why not enjoy it by creating new family moments? It is, probably, one of the most important moments when families come together more often, with parents and their children, siblings and, even, cousins and uncles, sitting together at the same table.

It´s also a time of breaking away from the regular routines, when we can spend quality time with friends, being with those who are close to us. With that in mind, we prepared 5 ideas that can make this season something special. With an extra: it will allow us a social media detox.

1- Game night!

It will depend on what each one prefers. For some, a card deck can be enough, others prefer more elaborate and diverse games. The point is: involve the whole family.

And it can happen on Christmas day, after having a comfortable meal, which will surely please all. Our suggestion: to keep an active brain, why not try the Family Edition of Trivial Pursuit?

2- Everybody´s in the kitchen 

One of Christmas most cherished memories are the different delicacies that we cook specifically for this season. But what if all the family helped this time? The kitchen could feel small for all these people, but the fun would surely double. And we could pass on recipes from one generation to the next.

3- Enjoy Christmas´ events 

There are lots of events around Christmas: markets, concerts, you name it. Some are even free. Why not choose one, get the whole family on board and organize a different activity? We know it´s cold outside, but that´s nothing that a jacket wouldn´t solve.

4- Organize a family contest

It can be a dance contest only with Christmas songs, it can be the most original Christmas present or it can simply be a family play or a karaoke. The idea would be to tighten your family bonds and have a good laugh while doing so.

5- Scavengers hunt: Christmas version 

Who´s the family member that likes organizing events? Well, that person can be responsible for this activity: do a scavenger hunt, but with a Christmas ring to it. And, to be even funnier, why not invite friends and other family members? Who doesn´t like a good challenge, after all?

The idea here, of course, would be to make a social media detox. If Christmas is the season where family gets together, we need to avoid walls, even digital ones. Those are just some ideas on how to do it. A simpler one would be to just have a Christmas dinner where smartphones are forbidden or, better yet, kept in a box. And, for that, you can use one of ours.

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