Nova SBE Impact Day – Cost of a Click

The teenagers that are part of Cost of a Click´s movement were in Nova SBE´s Impact Day Second Edition, which was organized by Nova School of Business and Economics. Together with 45 organizations and 22 speakers, our movement was presented to hundreds of persons, mainly students and teachers from this institution.

In the future, Cost of Click will present its project to more schools, universities and other places, where it can take its message to a larger audience of young people, warning the community to the dangers of using technology in a wrong way.

From our part, we thank Nova Business School for the opportunity of letting us present our ideas to its academic community. We are certain that students, teachers and others benefited from these projects presentation, that aims at helping all to develop a healthier relationship with the technology that surrounds us.

We also congratulate the teenagers that did a superb job presenting our project, showing to their peers their worries about the excessive use of technology and social media. We also presented our special project, our box, that intends to help to create healthier relationships among teenagers, the world and technology.

If you want to see how this day went, check the following gallery:

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