10 tips to use social media with safety

Cost of a Click´s mission is to reduce social media use. However, knowing that many people use it, we also understand the importance of keeping them safe while using it. Not everybody is on social media with good intentions.

Many may use this digital media to different ends, mainly with the intention of stealing some person´s identity and use it for criminal purposes. That´s why, while we keep that social media use should be reduced and that they have unhealthy effects when used in an improper way, we share 10 tips that may help to keep you safe while using social media.

social media safety

Be extra careful with social media passwords

1. Use a strong password that, preferably, is more than 8 characters long. It is also important to use special characters, which make it more difficult for those to be hacked.
2. The best thing indeed is to use a different password to each social media account. That way we can avoid a hacking attack that compromises the whole accounts.
3. It is also wise to create safety questions: they are an extra step in the safety journey. Most social media platforms allow that.
4. If you want to make a good and healthy use of your social media, the best thing would be to delete them from your smartphone. However, if you want to keep them there, the device should be protected by a password.

Who are you adding as a social media friend?

5. You have to be careful with whom you add on social media. Do you know the person? Does it seem like a legitimate profile? Otherwise, it can be a fake account. The best option would be not to accept the request if you don´t know the person.
6. Don´t take chances with what you post online. You shouldn´t reveal personal information, such as home addresses, credit card data, or phone numbers, among others. The more sensitive information you post online, the easier it will be to fake your identity.
7. Do you suspect that, by clicking in a link, you can have your personal information stolen? Does it seem like something that a friend wouldn´t publish? The truth is that social media tend to be under many hacking attacks. So be careful.
8. Be familiar with the social media platform´s privacy policies. In that way, you can customize your information in order not to allow others to see things that you don´t want to.
9. Your computer has to be always protected by an antivirus, that keeps malware and other malicious programs at bay. It´s also important to check if your browser and operating system are up-to-date.
10. Always log off when you leave a social media site. Don´t make it easier for others to enter into your account.

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