My Journey – Cláudia Amendoeira

In October of last year, I joined the organization “Cost of a Click” – an organization which aims to improve young adult’s relationship with technology. Once Lara, Cynthia, and Cláudia cave to pitch the organization to our school, I knew I wanted to help it reach its incredible potential.

For me, this organization brought about all kinds of change – the most important one being intrinsic. Before last year, I was extremely unaware of the amount of time I spent on my phone. I brushed my relationship with technology aside, not ever giving it the importance it deserved. However, I soon came to the realization that time spent on social media is, for lack of a better phrase, time wasted. Despite this, it’s important to realize that this does not mean I think reliance on technology is harmful – I believe that it can provide us with incredible opportunities and facilitates our daily lives. What truly needs to change is our approach to it. Technology should be used as a friendly support which constitutes part of our life, without fully consuming it. It should be used to check on your friends and communicate with them, without erasing deep and meaningful personal bonds. It should be used to search quickly a research paper on Google, without making us too lazy to go read a book. It was with this new mindset that I took on a new challenge and chose to make a difference.

“Cost of a Click” has given me more opportunities than I could have ever hoped. It allowed to solve a problem with my way of life, whilst simultaneously encouraging other people to do the same. It allowed me to take on an activity that I became truly passionate about and worked tirelessly to make it truly a project I could be proud of. By being involved in all types of decision-making processes, and then becoming the face and brand ambassador of the youth movement, I understood the meaning of true handwork and commitment. Through all the activities I conducted during these months, I learned to be a leader while undertaking tasks. When I spoke to master students at the Portuguese university “NOVA”, I felt for the first time what it was like to feel proud of something you have built.

Due to all of this, I am excited to continue to be part of this organization while it grows and develops. Since its mission is one of indescribable importance, our ambitions are not short-reached. We want to encourage everyone to get involved – whether its a song, a research paper or simply a new mind with ideas- everyone has a unique way of contributing, We want this movement one with the power to move the masses – making it more widespread each step of the way. We will be going to schools, businesses, and companies. We will be producing reports, and giving presentations. We will be increasing awareness and triggering societal shifts. We will give teenagers the instruments for them to place aside their devices and become the leaders of their own life – one mobile phone at a time.